Best Way to Handle Negative Social Media Comments

by Michael Sojevic on March 13, 2013

Social Media is very powerful as it can give you access to the actual thoughts of your consumers. Depending on what your customers are saying, this can be very beneficial to your business, or it could be an absolute nightmare.

Just because you have some negative comments or reviews from disgruntled customers, doesn’t mean its the end of the world. The best thing you can do is to absorb the information they are giving you and work towards making them, and other customers happy to be dealing with you.

You should reach out and make an effort to help them, most of time you can turn them around to be a happy and satisfied customer. If it is something a bit more involved, listen to what they have to say, maybe you need to improve something within your business. Are you providing a great customer experience? Is your customer service up to scratch? Are you not providing what you say you would provide? Is your returns policy clear and fair?

There are many things you can do, and should do, to help create a better customer experience. So rather than try and hide that negative review, be seen to be responding to them in a positive manner. Show others that you go above and beyond to satisfy a customer and make them happy. This will be seen other potential customers who were considering doing business with you, and show that you actually care.


4 Tips To Nailing Your Domain Name

by Michael Sojevic on March 8, 2013

Setting up any business online will require a domain name, there are are exceptions where you can get away with a name, but to really leverage the time you are investing, a good domain name will make a big difference. Many businesses choose names (and extensions) that just don’t suit them, nor do they think about generic names. Below are SEVERAL tips to assist you in getting that competitive advantage that everyone desires.

  1. Domain Extension – Selecting the right domain extension is very important, and should be your first choice. If your desired name is taken as a, then simply choosing the equivalent isn’t always the best decision. It is quite common for Google to give precedence to a over a in the search rankings, so its best to check to see if the is developed and being used if you are electing to stick with the
  2. Length – The length of your domain name would have to be one of the most important factors when choosing a domain name. Think of a domain name like a phone number, companies elect for 13 xx xx numbers due to their short lengths making them easy to remember. The same goes for domain names. A great example is, a nice short and memorable name which makes it easy for you to recall and type in the next time your at a computer.
  3. Spelling –  It is not ideal to have a name which is complicated to spell, try saying the name to someone who isn’t familiar with your business name and see how they go at typing it in a browser. If they are having trouble with it, it is likely that many more will have trouble. You really don’t want to make it difficult for potential customers to get to your site, so don’t give them a reason by making it complicated.
  4. Generic Keywords – These can be a real booster for search rankings, as well as being very memorable. Look at some of the biggest media companies out there, and, they are generic names which are very descriptive on what they relate to. Some web strategies involve having the business names domain as well as generic name domains for micro-sites which rank for specific keywords and collect leads and can even funnel traffic to your main site.

These tips should assist you in starting your presence online and in some cases, help grow your site through strategic linking and content marketing. Don’t forget to register your name through a quality domain name registrar, companies like Drop or VentraIP are highly recommended and are of much better value than Melbourne IT.


Quick Introduction

by Michael Sojevic on March 7, 2013

Just a quick introduction on myself  and what I plan on doing here. First of all my name is Michael Sojevic, I have been developing web properties for over 10 years now some of which have grown into large communities, DN Trade as an example. I have always noticed many small to medium business struggling with their web presence, be it their site design, digital marketing strategies (or lack of), to their levels of customer service. I used to always look at it from my perspective and question as to why they haven’t fixed even small issues which would help them make more money, but have gotten used to the idea that not everyone knows what I know.

This is where the idea of this blog comes in, I want to help SME’s improve their online presence, I want to see them create more business leads, improve their conversion rates, and make more money. Australia’s economy is in a relatively cool state at the moment, with plenty of bricks and mortar shops struggling and going bust. So many of these businesses could have stayed competitive if they just learnt a little more about the online world which is eating them up. Some of these business owners already have all of the relationships with suppliers and banks to be able to leverage build a killer online ecommerce presence, something which many new starters would die for.

So let the games begin, my first article should be coming in the next couple of days, while I am hoping it can give someone somewhere some help in improving their online strategy and become more profitable.